Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i got a broken face

Los Ladrones is a Guam-based artist collective, formed in 2006. Though its members work in a variety of media, the group is united by a common philosophy. Ladrones recognizes the artistic culture of Guam, an island with both historical and current exposure to a variety of cultures, as one of assimilation. Los Ladrones seeks to recognize that culture, and in so doing, synthesize the many influences on local artistic expression into a new, uniquely Guamanian aesthetic. The group hopes to be the impetus for an artistic dialog concerning the realities of island experience, one with enough depth to continue as an entity unto itself.

In the latter part of 2007, Los Ladrones began an association with Ronin Apparel. Ronin Apparel is a new, artist-based clothing line, focusing on high quality, locally designed wearable art.

Together, on July 31, Los Ladrones and Ronin Apparel present Rogues and Thieves: Art Show III. The show is the third annual Ladrones group show, and will be the launch date for Ronin's graphic t-shirt line. Rogues and Thieves will take place at the RevTV studios in Tamuning.

Los Ladrones and Ronin Apparel believe that they can be an outlet for a deep well of untapped potential on Guam, and foster a local movement of artistic thought that will place Guam on the forefront of the art world on both a national and regional scale.


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i'm interested in this art show, do you think you can relay me some more info on it to shed some light on the matter of joining?

if you have the time, please thanks