Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i got a broken face

Los Ladrones is a Guam-based artist collective, formed in 2006. Though its members work in a variety of media, the group is united by a common philosophy. Ladrones recognizes the artistic culture of Guam, an island with both historical and current exposure to a variety of cultures, as one of assimilation. Los Ladrones seeks to recognize that culture, and in so doing, synthesize the many influences on local artistic expression into a new, uniquely Guamanian aesthetic. The group hopes to be the impetus for an artistic dialog concerning the realities of island experience, one with enough depth to continue as an entity unto itself.

In the latter part of 2007, Los Ladrones began an association with Ronin Apparel. Ronin Apparel is a new, artist-based clothing line, focusing on high quality, locally designed wearable art.

Together, on July 31, Los Ladrones and Ronin Apparel present Rogues and Thieves: Art Show III. The show is the third annual Ladrones group show, and will be the launch date for Ronin's graphic t-shirt line. Rogues and Thieves will take place at the RevTV studios in Tamuning.

Los Ladrones and Ronin Apparel believe that they can be an outlet for a deep well of untapped potential on Guam, and foster a local movement of artistic thought that will place Guam on the forefront of the art world on both a national and regional scale.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

working to do list

i suppose this is as good a place as any to start building a list of stuff to get done for the show this time around, and to sort said tasks by priority.
I.create artists' statement
>art to reflect the authentic Guam experience, to create an original aesthetic committed to establishing an art that accurately describes the sociopolitical and cultural condition of the island, while critiquing and deconstructing the disingenuous and wholly derivative artistic modality and conception of island life that composes the current paradigm. this run-on is a WIP, input would be great
II. initial details
> FUNDING. We need to find a sugar daddy, or several of them. haphazard guess, we need $1K+
> set a date. how's July 31 sound for everyone?
> is this to be a juried show? Josh and I are a fan of this idea, got to get Mr. Hare's opinion. the free for all is great, but perhaps we need some quality control so our message stays strong. if so, when is the deadline for the submission of slides/ photos? Jun 31?
> have to get photos of the space, and guidelines as to what we can and can't do construction-wise.
III. media
> we've got Rev TV by way of television exposure, right?
> need to tell local radio and the PDN once we have a date
> flyers. I think we should have flyers in English that we plaster the island with, but also flyers in Japanese (and perhaps Chinese and Korean as well) that we can distribute in Tumon. These should probably include a map and easy to follow directions detailing how to get to the "gallery" using the public transportation system (is this even possible? What time do the buses stop running?)
> national media. it can't hurt to tell some national magazines that might be down to do a review, or at least a blurb or something. some ideas we've come up with are Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, Art Papers, A&P Quarterly.
need to find websites that might be into us as well. Draw Blog?
> international media. Japanese and Australian travel and art mags and websites might be friendly to our cause. can't hurt to try, but perhaps this can be sort of lower on the priority list?
IV. logistics for opening night
> bands. we need to organize them. who is playing? should we have a diverse sound, or a more cohesive lineup?
> sound. who's got the PA, power strips, cables, mixing board, and can actually play sound guy?
> do we need a stage?
> food and beer. we need to find a distributor that can hook us up with a deal. how many kegs do we need? should we ask for "donations" for beer? should we have food, and if so, where is it going to come from? Should we ask for "donations" for food? (If we do end up making a bunch of money, what do we do with it?)
> do we need a bar? are we serving booze?
> giant fucking sign that can be seen from space, or at least from Marine Dr. we need to make one.
V. duration of show
> have to get with Rev TV. do they have an intern or two that can help us sit around and babysit the place when its open?
> how long can we leave this stuff up. a couple of weeks would be sort of my expected minimum. a month is standard.
> artwork should probably be sold on an individual basis, to avoid sticky tax bullshit for Ladrones as a collective
VI. construction
> gotta find tools. depending on what the place looks like, we might need:
drywall, a drill (cordless 18v preferably), screws/ anchors/ nails, a level or two, a projector, decent lighting (halogen track lighting is preferable but expensive. any kind of decently bright, decently small directable light is cool), a ladder, picture/aircraft wire, lumber and 4X8 3/4" plywood sheets if we are building a stage, circular and/ or chop saw for same reason and just because they are good to have around, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, etc. if we get the big sheets of wood, we'll probably need a truck.
> we might have to build pedestals for sculpture (hence the suggested due date of a month before the show). if so, we need lumber and shit for that, too, and white paint.


being with you makes me happy

when it happens, i hope it happens in technicolor- the saturated oranges and blues look so much more nostalgic that way.

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